I hear thunder …..

That distant rumble … begins softly .. you’re not quite sure that it’s thunder. But one glance out the window confirms your suspicions ..

2014-01-20 07.35.50

Sometimes .. we get an inkling of something being not-quite-right  .. or a prodding to do something that pushes us out of our comfort zone ..

To me it’s like the warning of something more to come, something I need to pay attention to.

Lest I wait for the thunder and lightning of my indecision to hit me unaware ..

And I confess – I don’t always listen to that initial rumble .. then something else may happen to rally my attention .. or – I may ignore it completely and it may subside.

Bottom line is – If I think that it’s a God-prodding then I am doing myself a great injustice to ignore Him. It’s still my choice.

My choice can often be the difference between God’s best .. and plodding along. I may miss out on blessing someone else because I am afraid to say something, do something ..

Several weeks ago – we had a talk at church regarding being B O L D …  NOW I AM DEFINITELY NOT SHY .. but bold is often something else for me ! I start to get a little insecure – maybe worry what the other person will think ? but God gave me the opportunity to put this boldness into practice the very next day .. It was still my choice – but on this occasion I actually chose to obey..

In the course of my job – I meet lots of people from all walks of life each day – and I love it .. I was serving a young lady who was having trouble sleeping .. lots on her mind as she had recently moved to the area. The only person she knew was her boyfriend .. he only had mates .. the mates had no girlfriends .. she had no family around her .. I understood ..

I told her that I go to church on Sunday night’s .. I let her know where it was .. I told her what a ‘great bunch of people her age’ we have on Sunday evenings .. I invited her to come along .. and wrote down the name of our church and it’s location (even with a co-worker beside us for part of the conversation) .. Now what happens after that is still in His hands .. but I chose to trust Him and obey ..

there is no Post Script to my story – I may never see this girl again .. or God may have other plans ..

What about you ? Have you had a similar experience ?

‘Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.’ Romans 10:16-18

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