THE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ DARE …

Okay .. so the photo before you today isn’t very clear as to the subject of the book .. But that is because the very first time that I ‘did the dare’.. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to complete it.

So I blanked out the title with some pretty stickers to afford myself a little space and because deep down I didn’t want my husband to see what I was reading (lest he judge me as I stumbled) …
July 2011 ( according to my scribbling ).. I first stumbled upon ‘THE RESPECT DARE’ book, written by a lady named Nina Roesner .. whom I hadn’t ever heard of before then .. and surprisingly – thank’s to a tiny ad on Social Media .. and a generous helping of God-prodding … I made my purchase ..
So here I sit 2 and a half years later .. a very different wife to the one I had been already for a whole 28 years !
I have embarked on Dare #3 for the fourth time .. Some of my answers remain the same and others are different .. good and bad ..
I love that I am never a lost cause to God .. that He wants me to grow and change ..
Marriage is one of the toughest life relationships to behold (as well as raising children) .. and when these two things are going well .. we smile 🙂

Trouble is .. for me .. I really have to work on what comes out of my mouth .. I am learning (albeit, I am a slow learner) ‘to tame my tongue’ ..  but obviously as James points out .. I cannot do it on my own ..

but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.’
James 3:7-9

That one verse .. has my rampant imagination visualising my tongue on top of one of those circus stands that they put lions on ..  and I envision the ringmaster – with his top hat and tails and whip in hand .. trying to get my tongue to behave .. Phew .. it’s a massive task ..

So daily .. I endeavour to take hold of what God teaches me .. through His word, relationships, His creation, a Sunday sermon .. a book ..

Mostly .. I stuff up .. Sometimes I do OKAY …

Looking back to the answers that I wrote two and a half years ago – about seeing myself as a ‘Biblical Wife’.. there is definite improvement .. but so much room for more .. It’s very scary to look at ourselves in light of who we are made to be .. but also liberating, knowing that we are equipped with what is needed for change …

‘I can do all this through him who gives me strength.’
Philippians 4:12-14

Bottom line for me is that I DO want to be a wife who is a representation of God’s design for marriage, I DO want to live His way .. I KNOW that I am truly imperfect but ready and willing to change .. and as Nina so readily points out – there is absolutely NO HINT of being a doormat .. and armed with an acute awareness of my own character flaws .. how can I expect perfection from my husband .. so I need to cut him a bit of slack too !

So .. I DARE YA !!! Dare you to think about who God wants you to be .. then pray about it .. then act on it ..

If I can do it .. you most certainly can too !

PS .. don’t be too hard on yourself .. it gets in the way of His work .. 🙂

Also .. this is the link to Nina’s page .. see it for yourself ..  The Respect Dare

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