10:58 am

Yep .. another week has come and gone … it’s Sunday Morning …

Wish that I could slow time down … but unfortunately that only happens in the movies. Not an option …

I could possibly make better use of the day’s and hours available to me and I am definitely working on that.

My triumphs this week however – include: 
*an awesome dinner with our Son and grandchildren last weekend .. with a sleepover for our grandson.
*Hanging out with little Miss KJ on Tuesday while Big Brother was at school ..
*my ‘normal’ working week including a lunch date ..
……. and then – a much anticipated and most enjoyable day spent with friends yesterday …

not to mention accomplishing chores .. cooking etc….

And .. I am even about to tackle some ironing …

I am thankful for opportunities to build relationships…. to hone my mothering and diplomacy skills.

To learn new things .. for cups of tea .. chocolate … and cheese ..
And of course C O F F E E …..

7:47 am Tuesday …

Part two of this blog …got distracted by life (again)  couldn’t finish on Sunday.

Another triumph .. a tough conversation .. a productive work day.

As I review the things that I have listed as my victories .. it’s interesting ..

I certainly haven’t conquered Mt Everest .. nor have I completed the Tour De France ..

Not even been on a round the world trip ..

but notably, my contentment level is at it’s best when I relate to others .. it’s the seemingly small details in life that bring me the greatest joy ..

I am pretty sure that’s what God intended … a life lived for Him doesn’t have to be anything other than our best … and some days – my best – is just putting one foot in front of the other 🙂

PS … I did complete the mountain of ironing! Woo hoo! 


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