THE ‘ F ‘ WORD ……

Foggy Window

THE ‘ F ‘ Word …..

That word  .. It’s not what you think … Or Is it ????

IT threatens to strangle me .. Wraps it’s gnarly fingers around my mind …

Tangles my feet … trips me up …GRASPS at my  very  sense  of  self  worth …..

IT is a LABEL ….

F A I L U R E  ….. There .. I  said  it ….  darn it hurts !!!

It’s one of my struggles .. It’s more than a fear .. because I HAVE failed .. Often and repeatedly … Failed to do things that I should have. Failed by doing and saying things that I shouldn’t have.

Sadly I know that I will inevitably FAIL again …

Failure is a label .. We all have labels that we give ourselves – often unintentionally we place labels on ourselves – visualising how we think others see us .. clouding who we really are.

Sometimes we accept labels from our peers, from friends, from strangers .. our past …

We feel ‘labeled’ by society ..

The simple truth is .. I am much more than a label. I may be a wife, a mother, a worker, a shopper .. I might even occasionally be a ‘good person’ .. One day a ‘road rager’.. the next ???? #insert label here# ???

My point ? I AM COMPLEX .. yet incomplete if I label myself. Labeling myself is like getting stuck in the mud. It prevents me from moving forward.

If you find yourself in this predicament – get out quickly ..

God’s plan for you is bigger than ANY label will ever allow.

For me personally, I remind myself to be thankful for who God made me to be. For the people He has placed in my life – who are willing to love the real me. The changes and challenges that we encounter daily – allow God to grow us according to His plan. His huge, complex plan.

His plans for my life are way bigger than I could ever dream for my life ! Bigger than any stifling, suffocating label that I might stunt my life with.

The picture at the top of todays blog page is an early morning view through the fogged up window of a truck .. a good analogy I think .. I need to change the limited view I have of life – by allowing God to wipe that windshield clear of the accumulated dust and grime, the things which fog my view of myself .. allowing Him to open wide my eyes to the clear road ahead ..

How do I do this ? Well a good start is getting my head where it should be – by endeavouring to read the Bible often. I would say DAILY – but I would be lying if I said I was good at doing that. I try .. Honestly I AM keen – but too often I get distracted by other things ‘Important’ things … Does that mean I am a FAILED Christian .. NO – I really don’t think so … but there is definitely scope for me to be more disciplined and focussed ..

I pray that you will too. In order that together – we might – in His strength – grow to live and love as Jesus did .. thus fulfilling God’s beautiful plan for our lives !

I am absolutely loving ‘The Message’ translation of the Bible – it has opened God’s word afresh to me ..

The words that I read this morning are beautiful and touched my heart as if spoken to me by Jesus ..

‘Live out this God-created identity the way our Father lives toward us, generously and graciously, even when we’re at our worst. Our Father is kind; you be kind.’ Luke 6:35b-36 The Message.

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