One Year on …


Hammin ‘ it up ..

Ok .. so let’s see how I go blogging from my comfy, armchair on the day after Christmas .. (on my mobile phone) no less.

I am in that .. ‘oh-my-goodness-yesterday-was-really-tiring-i-need-to-chill’ state .. (and I didn’t even have to do all the work) 🙂

It’s about one year ago that I wrote my first post .. never thinking that I might even make my second one ..

But .. here I am .. thankful for having the opportunity (and even blessed with a handful of ‘followers’) .

Last year I posted my Christmas ham photo .. today I am even more blessed to have been able to post a picture of the one that my son cooked yesterday.

(It was wayyy better than mine).

The ham signifies more than just something delicious to eat. It is the family getting together .. the celebration of love … of overlooking our differences .. sharing gifts … watching the joy of children having fun.

Making precious memories .. leaving a mark on others lives that shines to them that they are a priority .. they are valued .. loved .. cared about.
Today I am reflecting on the events of yesterday .. loud .. crazy .. fun filled ..

The thought that went into the gifts .. I was blown away by both my daughter in law and sister .. and their gifts meant so much … more than mere words of thanks could express.

We made a decision several years ago to move to where we currently live .. it was a
H U G E decision .. not just one of logistics .. but a head and heart decision .. to leave friends and jobs .. an established life .. a Church that I was very happy to be a part of ..
Without needing all of the details .. this move has been an amazing one on so many levels ..

BUT …. I was afraid when my husband even suggested it ..

The great news is ..

After 18 months in the new home that we were able to build (with a peaceful and picturesque, bushland backdrop) … after two job changes for my husband .. and three for me .. a tough year in a hideous rat infested, mould ridden, rental property ..
We are still pinching ourselves at the changes .. and the blessings ..

I don’t doubt for a second that God’s hand was on our move .. (although it has taken me some time to be able to admit that) ..

I have been able to a keep precious friendship .. YAY !

Other family members have also made the big move as well ..

And  …as we look forward to the beginning of a new year .. I wonder what it will hold?

I am content to trust that God already has it in His plan ..

Knowing that I have seen just how  ….

‘we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good’ Romans 8:28
The Message Bible

EVERY DETAILthe good, the bad and the ugly ….

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