Rainy Day Thoughts …


OK … so the picture above is definitely NOT a rainy day ….

it was taken several weeks ago in the beautiful city of Sydney .. while sipping cocktails with friends. Amazing !

But I shall set the scene and explain the rainy day reference.

At this very moment, I am tucked up in my bed .. listening to the rain as it falls softly on the tin roof of my patio. The only noise registering above the rain – is the snoring of one of my dogs – as she blissfully enjoys the fact that it’s my day off, so she is privileged to be able to be inside with me 🙂
I have coffee .. and a candle burning *insert soft glow and beautiful fragrance here*
On my breakfast menu is yummy toast with apricot jam and cheese (may not appeal to all .. but I think it’s delicious).
Along with the rain – is just the right amount of wind to make the gum branches sway, and their soft,  green leaves rustle ….

If this alone was how I lived my life every day .. it sounds peaceful .. heavenly and most definitely a blessing. And it is …

But .. as you can probably imagine – I am a real person – with struggles,  just like the rest of humanity.

This past week has had trouble and strife – work related conflict – drudgery … beautiful catch ups,  a three year olds Birthday Party (loud, crazy fun with family) …

Now – I am guessing that this view of life is probably a similar theme for most of us?

Sometimes it’s difficult to reconcile the polar extremes that make up our lives. I am learning that God wants me to be thankful in all situations and at all times. I have found some excellent tools for growth and encouragement in several blogger / authors words.
In particular Ann Voskamp and Bonnie Gray .. neither of them have the perfect life and yet they shine thankfulness .. and exude encouragement ..
They most certainly ‘keep it real’ .. as does Nina Roesner .. another beautiful Christian author who makes no secret of her struggles, but lives and loves – as only someone who knows Jesus can ..

I take heart as I read of how these women respond to life’s challenges and share what they learn. I love their bravery .. their courage .. their thankfulness.

I am also greatly inspired by the women that God has placed directly in my life. They may not have written a book .. but I love to ‘follow them, as they follow Jesus’ as one friend puts it …

Sometimes it’s as simple as seeing a friend place one foot of T R U S T after the other .. in spite of circumstance .. that shines the brightest spark.

In my own moments of doubt .. I don’t see that God can make any use of my sinful life ..

I was reminded yesterday though, of the people we see as great heroes of the Bible .. also not being perfect … Abraham, David, Paul .. even Noah ..

So ….  In light of this … I shall endeavour not to be so hard on myself ..

A verse of encouragement … from Psalm 56:3,4 NLT

‘But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you.  I praise God for what he has promised.  I trust in God,  so why should I be afraid? What can mere mortals do to me?’

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