A chat with a friend…

Oh …. how therapeutic is a chat with a friend ?

I just love the scope a conversation with a friend can cover !

It can happen face to face .. Over the phone .. In a text or an email.

Some chats are regular .. Sometimes there are big gaps in our opportunities ..
I love the gift of conversation ..
It can be like medicine.

A deep sharing. A soul exchange.
With or without a cup of coffee. Over a meal.

Age and stage don’t matter.

Two grandmother’s sharing the cute recollections of time spent with grandchildren.

The encouragement of a text reminder that someone cares .. That they’re praying for you.

That they ‘get’ you.

It’s a gift to be understood.

The Mum who is conducting the orchestra that raising small children can be .

A beautiful symphony – or the banging of a wooden spoon on a saucepan (depending upon the day or the child) …

We share our joys and our triumphs . . Our successes and our failures . . Our pain, our pleasure, our hopes, dreams and our fears.

Sometimes it’s two way, other times it’s the gift of a listening ear.

Sometimes lessons ..

Others just reflections and being heard are the rewarding gift of true friendship.

Whether we’re laughing or crying I am thankful for the conversation and the sisterhood of friendship.

I think that friendship is God’s way of keeping me sane ☺

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