More than a Survival Course


From little things BIG things grow …


It may sound cheesy .. and it’s definitely a song line ..

but ‘From little things , big things grow’

Another day .. some glorious weather and a busy intersection ..

This week has seen some amazing weather changes where I live .. extreme heat .. mega humidity,  lots of wind and rain .. and those classic Aussie afternoon thunderstorms !

The photo above was just irresistible to me ..

It is an Australian native banksia, which has sprung up and is growing in the most unlikely place. It’s decided that the pedestrian island of a busy road is the place to be ..

On a work day morning last week, and during the misty morning rain .. After having walking past this little baby tree for several days in a row, I could no longer just step on by ..

I needed to record it’s survival against the odds ..

So, even though I was almost late for work, I stopped to snap this picture ..

And … I am glad that I did .. because since then .. it has sparked an interesting conversation with my husband and really made me think about life in general.

It never ceases to amaze me how God uses some small piece of His creation to help me to regain my focus .

If a tiny seed can land in asphalt and find enough water and nourishment to begin to grow ..
How much more can we thrive in the life we’ve been blessed with?

We don’t need lots of money, or a great title, or a Palace to live in.

We do need love, relationship, and to be content with what we already have.

By relationship . . I mean the ability to ‘relate to one another’ ..
That comes in many forms depending upon our circumstances .. There are spouses to relate to .. our parents, children, siblings, friends, colleagues, customers. So many opportunities for positive (and negative ) conversation.

Sometimes we do feel like we are just surviving like that little plant on the road ..

I’ve discovered that making the most of each and every day is better than just surviving ..
it IS living ..
It doesn’t mean you have to perform some amazing feat ..
Just a catch up conversation can be the biggest blessing in anyone’s day ..

A surprise dinner ..

Taking the time to listen to something you love. The sound of the trees rustling, or the waves hitting the shore can be ever so therapeutic. Birds …
Some music . .

“[30] Those who weep or who rejoice or who buy things should not be absorbed by their weeping or their joy or their possessions. [31] Those who use the things of the world should not become attached to them. For this world as we know it will soon pass away “

1 Corinthians 7 : 31-32 NLT

Thank you for taking the time to read this – I pray that in some way you might be encouraged …

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