Love , Life and Loss ….

A week ago today, I lost my best friend …

That’s very hard to write.

You know that some people are just so special, loving, beautiful, kind, funny, amazing, generous, faithful and faith filled.

Lyndall is an extraordinary woman. Yes … I said … IS … and always will be. No past tense.

I know where she is and she knew where she was headed.

That doesn’t make it any easier to deal with how I feel right now.
There is a gaping hole in my heart.

Her legacy of loving acceptance and the practical way she lived out her faith have been used by God to grow me.

If I’m honest I can be a little (lot) selfish . . And generosity doesn’t come naturally to me.
Hey .. don’t get me wrong .. I do my best .. I care .. but I still need to withdraw sometimes to get myself back on track.

My friend just kept going. In so many practical ways .. behind the scenes of the large church, she lived out her amazing admin skills . She was like a conductor directing a seamless symphony .

When Lyndall was involved in anything .. she gave it her all ..
Anything she was involved in became a success.

The reason for this . She loved our God so much that she did it all for Him.

She did it because she loved God and wanted others to know Him.

Her loving and godly influence will always remain in my heart.
The comfort of a friend who never judged or criticized me, is a gift that I will take with me, through the rest of my days.

‘As iron sharpens iron , so one person sharpens another’.
Proverbs 27:17

Dedicated to my precious friend,  

Lyndall Anne Bailey 27.01.1961 – 20.02.2016



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