‘Miss Understood’ 

Don’t you just hate it when someone misunderstands you? 

It is so frustrating and you just want to explain the facts … OR what you meant .. OR why you said or did something.

I think that being misunderstood is a huge reflection of my comfort in my own skin.

I want people to know that REAL Me ..

And sometimes they aren’t ready for it ..
OR I feel too vulnerable to let it all out ..

Even the fact that I might be too much for you scares me ..

Gosh .. You may really not like the ‘real’ me .. (sometimes I don’t like the real me) ..

My struggles are definitely a reality.

The more that I think about it, this whole subject of being misunderstood.. It is definitely an issue for me. It causes me pain.

I want to be loved and accepted for just being me .. No pretence .. No facade ..

‘Warts and All’.. As the saying goes.

I have found that not everyone is that accepting.

We are all coming from our own life perspective of ‘acceptable’ though.

I try to be accepting of others but sometimes they are so different to me that I struggle. Most times that may not be outwardly obvious .. But sometimes it is.

There in lies a part of the problem.

I believe that I have to accept myself first.

This is the REAL me.

Good and Bad. Happy and sad. Correct and wrong. Selfish. Confident. Afraid. Confused. Trusting. Distrusting. Trustworthy.
A leader and a follower.
A wife. A Mum. A Nan. A sister. A worker. A friend.
In a nutshell – I am COMPLEX.

We are all complex.

AND complicated.

My starting point is who I am in God.
Sounds too good to be true ???
The Bible is filled with references as to our value to Him. It’s something we’ve been discussing in our Bible study group.
We have been praying for each other and encouraging each other.

It has opened my eyes. It is softening my heart. It has helped me to understand myself a little better.

The Bible verse below illustrates the heart of what It is to be misunderstood.

Jesus himself got exactly how I feel ❤️ because He too was misunderstood.
HE .. GETS ME … What a gift 😊


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